Sunday, 10 December 2017

Price Surf Camp

All Inclusive Packages!

All Inclusive Packages: This complete packages can be arranged for up to a maximum of 10 persons. The amount of days to stay at our Camp is decided  by the guests although it is subjected to availability and ferries’ schedules. Below we show  some examples of our all inclusive packages which were conveniently organized by taking into count the fast ferry’s schedule.

All inclusive One Week or 8 days/7 nights ( 5 nights stay at the Surf Camp + 2 nights stay at Mother’s Home Stay in Padang).
Solo traveler: the price for 1 person at the present moment is: 6,500,000 IDR or $500.00 USD. Below there is a descriptive list of all the included services.
Couples: the price for 2 persons at the present moment is: 9,400,000 IDR or $ 724.00 USD. Which will be 4,700,000 IDR or $ 361.53 USD per person. Below there is a descriptive list of all the included services.
Group: the price for 4 persons at the present moment is: 15,200,000 IDR or $  1,169.23 USD. Which will be 3,800,000 IDR or $ 292.30 USD per person. Below there is a descriptive list of all the included services.

All inclusive 10 days/9 nights (7 nights at the surf camp and 2 nights at Mother’s Home Stay in Padang).
Solo: the price for 1 person at the present moment is: 7,300,000 IDR or $ 562.00 USD. Below there is a descriptive list of all the included services.
Couples: the price for 2 persons at the present moment is: 11,000,000 IDR or $ 846.15 USD. Which will be 5,500,000 IDR or $ 423.07 USD per person. Below there is a descriptive list of all the included services.
Group: the price for 4 persons at the present moment is: 18,400,000 IDR or $ 846.15 USD. Which will be 4,600,000 IDR or $ 353.84 USD per person. Below there is a descriptive list of all the included services.

All inclusive 12 days/11 nights (9 nights at the surf camp and 2 nights in Padang).
Solo: the price for 1 person at the present moment is: 8,100,000 IDR or $ 623.00 USD. Below there is a descriptive list of all the included services.
Couples: the price for 2 persons at the present moment is: 12,600,000 IDR or $  969.23 USD. Which will be 6,300,000 IDR or $ 484.61 USD per person. Below there is a descriptive list of all the included services.
Group: the price for 4 persons at the present moment is: 21,600,000 IDR or $ 1,662 USD. Which will be 5,400,000 IDR or $ 415.38 USD per person. Below there is a descriptive list of all the included services.

All inclusive Two Weeks or 15 days/14 nights (12 nights at the surf camp and 2 nights in Padang).
Solo: the price for 1 person at the present moment is: 9,300,000 IDR or $ 715.32 USD. Below there is a descriptive list of all the included services.
Couples: the price for 2 persons at the present moment is: 15,000,000 IDR or $  USD. Which will be 7,500,000 IDR or $ 576.92 USD per person. Below there is a descriptive list of all the included services.
Group: the price for 4 persons at the present moment is: 26,400,000 IDR or  2,032 USD. Which will be 6,575,000 IDR or $ 505.76 USD per person. Below there is a descriptive list of all the included services

All Inclusive Package:

1) Transportation from the Airport to Mother’s Home Stay the day of arrival and from the Home Stay to the Airport the day of departure.
2) Round trip transportation from Mother’s Home Stay to Padang’s harbor.
3) 2 nights of accommodation at Mother’s Home Stay in Padang (one night before going to the islands and one night after your return from the islands).
4) the amount of nights of accommodation at Nyang-Nyang Surf Camp as described per package above.
5) 3 meals per day at the Surf Camp in Mentawai and at Mother’s Home Stay in Padang (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Unlimited Mineral Water, Tea and Coffee is also included.
6) Round trip Speed boat from Mentawai’s harbor to Nyang-Nyang Surf Camp.
7) Round trip Fast Ferry tickets from Padang’s harbor to Mentawai’s harbor in Siberut.

Not included:
1) Visa payment at the airport.
2) Mentawai’s Surfer’s tax. (below you can find information about the Surfer’s tax).
3) Ferry extra-charges for Surfboards. Please check:
4) Rent of Surfboards. ($ 10.00 USD per day).

Important Notes:
  • Masokut and Nyang Nyang are two different names for the same island.
  • For a more accurate planning, I will like to tell you that the Fast Ferry departures from Padang only on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, returning on the same days.
  • Siberut to Masokut charter boats are small motor boats that carry a maximum of 5 guests with their respective luggage. Very rarely and due to safety issues and only when the load regarding the passenger’s luggage is extremely heavy or bulky (by having excessive weight and volume) an extra boat needs to be recruited. Groups of 6 or more guests will require the recruitment of a second boat.
  • Island to Island Boat Rental: From our Surf Camp you can rent a boat to visit the waves at the neighboring islands (Riffles, 4 Bobs, Kandui, Burguerworld, Karamba, Hideaways, A-Frames, etc.). The boats carries a maximum of five  guests with their respective surf boards.  The cost of the boat for a whole day will be 1,500,000 IDR which is about $115.00 USD. In one day you can visit as many waves as you can. You can share the cost of the boat with other surfers if it possible.
  • Extra days to your camp stay in our all inclusive packages can always be added with an additional payment of 400,000 Rupiahs or its equivalent in US Dollars, which is around $30.00 USD.
  • The above US dollars prices were calculated with an exchange rate of 13,000 Rupiahs per $1.00 USD.
  • BOOKING: To proceed with a reservation, the guest should supply the specific amount of people visiting, as well as the expected days and duration of the visit. To hold or confirm a reservation, the client most pay in advance 20% of the total final price. This payment should be made as soon as possible through a direct deposit or electronic transference into the services provider’s bank account, or through Western Union. This reservation fee will be used to secure the accommodation and to coordinate and arrange all the logistic regarding the resources and services needed for the trip; staff, food, transportation, etc.  The final Payment (the other 80%) must be provided to the service provider before the guest departures to the Mentawai Islands. Payment should be done preferably in Indonesian Rupiahs.


Conveyed to all that commencing August 1, 2016 Mentawai Regional Government through the Department of Tourism Mentawai Surfing has imposed levies Voting in accordance with the Mentawai Regional Regulation No. 2 Year 2015 on the Management and Utilization of Tourist Attractions surfing and Regional Regulation No. 8 Year 2015 about retribution Recreation and Sports.
Surfing Levy payments made directly in Nagari Bank Deposit Slip Model A Mentawai Regional Government Accounts.
Purchase Tickets and Bracelet Surfing in the Office of Tourism Information Center (TIC) at Jln Padang. Azizi No. 121 Andalas Padang and Tourism Office in Tuapejat.
Thank you
Aban Barnabas
Head of Tourism Mentawai
Tourism Department has put Post Officer Supervisor “Surfer Mentawai Service Officer” in Karamajat island, Pulau Nyangnyang / Mapadegat Camp, JatiTuapejat Beach, Coastal Mapadegat, Katiet, Silabu.
So that all his reports to the Supervisor Post Officer on the day of arrival of the first guests at the location before a surfing For stamp given by the clerk at a ticket so that’s when the calculated 15-day period that visit.
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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Climbing Mount

Mount Singgalang can be taken from several points. However, the famous path is through the village and Clever New Koto Sikek. From the village of New Koto we will take the route to the village of Sikek Cleaver. From this village a starting point towards Tower (RCTI and TVRI transmitter located in the mountain belt Singgalang). Towards this transmitter Tower we will pass the uphill paved road, the closer to the tower of his road is not good and full of pebbles and on the left and right side of his farm population there. Brush Smart Village is also famous for its sugar and place it saka (brown sugar).

Having arrived at the Tower transmitters we can make this area as a resting place (shelter) before continuing the journey to the summit. From the tower, we are going through the woods pimpiang about 1 hour. These forests consist of tall plants pimpiang and ducked, so requires climbers to walk down, and even to sit and crawl. But now, through the woods easier, because the top of the plants had been cut so we do not have to duck again passed

After passing pimpiang we will find a place called “Eye Water I”, in this place downward we will find that the river to get water supplies.
From the spring I’ll take the route we are climbing up the rock, with an average slope of about 45 degrees. Getting to the top we will find many beautiful trees and ferns through the tracks a slightly moist and dense forests. On the left or right track we find the electric poles and wires that can be used as a guide to get to the top. But for some people, this is very disturbing. The beauty in the broken forest with views of the electric poles on both sides, not to mention the fad will calculate approximately how pole again until you reach the top, ehehehe

Travel route before the rock normally takes around 5 hours depending on fast or the slow movement of our journey. From the rock to the summit takes about 1 hour. Rock consists of yellow solid rocks, overgrown beard and Rhododendron trees mountains, and occasionally we would see interest edelweis although very rare and require a keen eye to find it.
From this rock, we can see the view out toward the mountains Marapi located right in front. If lucky, we could see the town of Padang Panjang, Bukittinggi, and the lake from the rock Festival. However, during the day, the mountain is often shrouded in mist Singgalang. If you want to get a better view of the exotic setting up camp in the rock and watch the sunrise and other exotic sights in the morning.
After passing the rock, we will re-enter the forest area is more humid and the trees are covered in thick moss. Not long after that we got to the Lake Goddess. Pond Goddess is often shrouded in mist. If you are fond of photography, when the lake was clear, the sooner the better to get a picture, because the fog was very friendly to play there.
Around the lake this Goddess does not take a long time, but the charm of a truly exotic experience and will make us comfortable to linger in the humid forest and wet. Around this lake we see the forest very thick moss and some plants IN PLANTS.
Camp area located around the pond and lake water that can be used to make comfortable the need for several days in Singgalang. The atmosphere is cool and quiet is a special thrill for people who want to take off fatigue in the wild.
Many who arrived at the Singgalang only until the lake goddess alone. But there’s more Singgalang peak at around half to 1 hour menunju peak. At its peak, we will find the transmitter tower is the estuary of the electric poles found along the road.
height : 2877 mdpl.
• Position : Tanah Datar Distrik and Agam District, West Sumatra
• Characteristics : inactive volcano , covered in tropical rainforest , climbing steep tracks and there are 2  lakein the summit area .
• climbing lane :
* Koto Baru (Pandai Sikek)
Start Point : Station Transmition RCTI Pandai Sikek. Normal 6 -hour long ascent
* Balingka
Titik Start : desa Panambatan, Balingka. Long Ascent normal 8 Hour.
* Toboh (Kenagarian Malalak)
Potint Star : Jorong Toboh Kenagarian Malalak. Long Ascent 12 Hour.
Schedule Climbing Mount Singgalang, West  Sumatra

contact me: 
or +6281374006060
114.00Gathered in  Koto Baru Vilage ( from the airport to the village of Koto Baru and lunch
15.00 – 17.00Go to Pintu Rimba Mount Singgalang
17.00 – 18.00Camp
18.00 – 20.00Dinner
20.00 – 22.00Free program and rest
207.00 – 08.00Breakfast
08.00 – 09.00Packing
09.00 – 16.00Trekking to Cadas Singgalang (Lunch at 12.00)
16.00 – 17.00Camp in Cadas Singgalang
17.00 – 20.00Rest and Dinner
20.00 – 22.00Free program and rest
305.00Wake up
05.30Hunting Photo (Sunrise)
06.00. – 08.00Breakfast
08.00 – 09.00toward to Telaga Dewi Mount Singgalang
09.00 – 10.00Hunting Fhoto andsipping hot coffee breakat Telaga Dewi
10.00 – 11.00Back To Camp
11.00 – 16.00lunch , packing suppliesand back down to thefoot of the mountain and into the Koto Baru Village
16.00 – 18.00shower, eat and rest
18.00return to home areas – each ( towards airport ) (me / continue to the nextprogram .

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Saturday, 4 November 2017

Surf Camp Map

There are 5 surfbreaks you can surf everyday in short distance (wlking distance).

E-Bay : 5 minutes
Beng-Beng : 10 Minutes
Pitstop :10 Minutes
Bankvault : 30 Minutes
Nipussi : 1 hour
E-Bay : 5 minutes Beng-Beng : 10 Minutes Pitstop :10 Minutes Bankvault : 30 Minutes Nipussi : 1 hour

Very consistance world class wave,and extremely rippable left.This spot is loads of fun and probably one of the easiest wave s to surf in our region.Its the deepest and safest waves and also pick up a bit more swell than other locals.5 more break in the area,including E-Bay and Pistop.Nestled inside a small bay with one of the most scenic views imaginable all arround you,
Ability Level : Beginner-Intermediate,Best Size :3-6 Ft,Consistency :3/10

This is a hallow left that barrels off the take off with a short wall down the line.A great option when a lot of swell is hitting.A hollow ,fast .powerfull left.A world class wave for experiaced surfers.Watch out for the two rocks on the inside.Great barrels,and turns into a surfing paradise at 6 feet offshore.There is heavy warble and chances are you’ll get a mean aqua blue barrel.The scenery alone will blow away.Besides its aesthetic beauty.double overhead Ebay is a beast and force to be reckon with.
Ability Level :Advanced
Best Size :4-8 ft
Consistency :5/10

A shorter right,the breaks down the point from bankvaults.definately fun and rippable.Usually has fairly deep water the point from the take off to the inside.Ends in a riptide that sucks all the water back out to sea.A good option when there is no much swell and usually the most consistant spot in the area.
Ability Level :
Best Size

This the right off the peak at E-Bay .A playfull right that can offer some cover-ups off the take-off,but most a high performance wave with air sections at the end.Ends in sandy chanels.
Ability Level:Intermediate
Best Size :2-4 ft
Consistency :6/10

Is a thick ,barrelling right punctuated by shifting line up.Sets seemingly emerge out of nowhere and can wreak havoc if you are caught out ofposition.The ideal size to surf it is head – high to triple overhead,in any swell size,getting caught inside is certaintly.Despite the dangers,snag a clean,open barrels here and you will be taking about it for years.
Ability Level :Advanced
Best Size ;4-10 ft
Consistency :6/10

it is a short,playful right-hander,swells that break here wrap considerably around the south end of the island and break over a relatively shallow reef.If you are fast you can take off deep and try to float the first section where most people take off,othewise,its stictly a one or two turn wave.Ironically, despite its relatively tame appeal,4 bobs is a perennial favorite to almost every person who surf it and is one of the most consistent and fun waves.
Ability Level : Intermediate
Best Size ; 3-5 ft
Consistency : 8/10
is one of the most consistent left in the mentawai island.Situated in front of an idyllic island it is one of the many good waves found in Playground region.There re generally two sectios to surf,The top and the inside.The peaks at the top can be a bit shifty and require a fair amount of paddling around to find the right area while the inside section is more dependable and offers up a better wall to work with.A frames is easily one of the most popular spots in the mentawai’s.
Ability Level : Intermediate
Best Size : 3-5 ft
is one of the longest,most perfect,awe-inspirig in the world.When it’s breaking properly with a hint of northwest wind you can expect four to six hundred yard right walls with numerouse tube sections.Rifles is a violent barrels from start to finish,sometimes when you think you are coming out another section will throw over,and another If you do come out and see it lining have yo put the pedal to the metal to make it through the next barrels section.Surfer Magazine dubbed Rifles the 6th best wave in the world.
Ability Level :Advanced
Best Size :6-8 ft
Consistency :6/10
Is one of the fastes,down the line,left hand barrels in the world.Kandui is and obscenely hollow wave with your only option for survival being tucked inside its enormous,gaping jaws.Unless you’re comfotable pumping inside the barrel the best you can hope for is to find the right line ,extra front foot pressure,and hold on.Most the waves will simply outrace you however,the thrill of charging through the longest barrel possible is more than worth the effort.if the condition are right you’ll take your share of beatings butchances you will kick out of the best barrel of your life as well.
Ability Level : Advanced-Expert
Best Size :4-8ft
Consitency :5/10
Lies smack dab in the middle of breaks best on a direct south swell and fairly straightforward wave for people of all abilities.The wave itsself runs almost exactle one hundred yards over a shallow.perpective.
Ability Level : Beginner-Intermeduate
Best Size :2-4 ft
Consistency :6/10
Is considere a last alternative when everywhere else is flat.Anything bigger than three feet here flattens out into a mushball,the positive aspect of bugerworld is that there always somethin to ride here.even though its not a premiere wvae it is a fun alternative when everywhere else isnt breaking.
Ability Level :Intermediate
Best Size :2-3 ft
Consistency :4/10
is an occasionally heavy left near the playgrounds region that is frequently visited .in the last few years it has been one of the “go to”waves because it is a lot more consistent the other world class waves in the area and can handle more annoying wind directions like straight south.Hideways has ability to be a sick cavern or offer up rippable shoulder.You can really surf it on medium high tide,at low tide it sticks out of the water and unless you like reef cuts stay away
Ability Level :Intermediate-Advanced
Best :4-8ft
Consistency :8/1

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About Surf Camp

Our surf camp is located right on a beautiful white sand beach at the stunning and hidden Nyang-Nyang or Masokut island. The camp can house a maximum of 10 persons and provides a traditional feel with basic modern facilities. The ideal Indonesian atmosphere gives our visitors a unique memorable stay. Our island offers amazing surfing opportunities with excellent breaks such as: E-bay, Beng-Bengs, Nipussi, Bank Vaults and Pitstops. You can find these high quality waves within a short walking distance from our camp. With white sandy beaches, countless palm trees, turquoises waters, coral reefs and breathtaking waves, our Camp Siberut offers an exciting priceless experience.
Our surf camp offers comfortable facilities that will please your surfing dream for a very affordable budget price. We provide basic accommodation in local traditional style bungalows, count with common areas for a pleasurable relaxing time and offer excellent quality fresh meals. Though our facilities are simple, they supply all the comfort you need to be in perfect communion with nature. We are conveniently located at the heart of the surf breaks; having some world class quality waves just a short walking distance away.

We have electricity from 6 pm to 10 am. The rooms are basic but very clean with mosquito nets over each bed. Bed sheets are changed regularly during your stay. We have fans in every room. We also have Power Jacks available in every room so you can charge your electronics. Showers and sitting “western” toilets are also part of our basics. A refrigerator for cold drinks is also available.

Mentawai is the place where simple and basic is a must.
The basics and some amenities on our nature’s retreat:

  • surfboards rental.
  • surfboards for sale.
  • electricity.
  • one fan per room.
  • refrigerator.
  • mosquito nets over every bed.
  • “Western” toilets.
  • Showers.
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